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PRUDENCE ended in 2004. The next EU-financed major effort in regional climate modelling was the ENSEMBLES project, financed under Framework Programme 6. A major archive of data in 25km resolution covering the transient periods 1951-2100 or 1951-2050 according to the SRES A1B scenario is available at the DMI -Actually at the same physical machine as this PRUDENCE page.

ENSEMBLES ended in 2009; immediately a new major project was started up: CORDEX, which is an international WCRP project without funding. The CORDEX archive is set up in the ESGF infrastructure known from CMIP5. One access point is here. There is a lot of data, and the archive is still growing (updated 20150819). Read more about CORDEX in the links at this page.

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Two important updates: The special issue of Climatic Change (Vol. 81 2007) concerning the PRUDENCE project is now available. And, I have removed the participants-only data from this server. This means that just points to this page. If you REALLY need the data, and if you are allowed (you probably are not...), then write me a mail.

Plots of the biases and climate signals have been made public and are available as follows: The organization of the plots is explained here.

Also climate change maps are present:

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PRUDENCE (2001-2004): Project EVK2-CT2001-00132 in the EU 5th Framework program for Energy, environment, and sustainable development.

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PRUDENCE (2001-2004) was a European-scale investigation with the objectives:

PRUDENCE is part of a co-operative cluster of projects exploring future changes in extreme events in response to global warming. The other members of the cluster are MICE (Modelling the Impact of Climate Extremes) and STARDEX (Statistical and Regional Dynamic downscaling of Extremes for European regions). This research is highly relevant to current climate related problems in Europe. To find out more visit the MPS Portal.

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